3D Marilyn Monroe

The first time I worked on a 3D Marilyn was at Miralab, Geneva. I was a designer-animator assistant and Miralab had created a virtual Marilyn to showcase their work. When I left the lab, I decided to create my own model, I thought it would be a great challenge as well as a way to improve my modeling skills.

I worked on the likeness, gathering pictures from internet and books. Modeling, texturing, skinning and rigging ... many steps before animating.

This model is still a work in progress. The rig is far from being perfect and needs more tweaking to allow better deformations.

Many of you would like to download or buy it, and I'm very flattered :) it's just not on sale for now.

Base model default pose

My last model _______________________________________________________________

The following 3D model has been created by a Korean studio....

The face didn't really look like Marilyn so my task was to improve it. After tweaking the 3D mesh, I rendered a new image and she looked a little bit more like Marilyn: