3D Marilyn Monroe

The first time I worked on a 3D Marilyn was at Miralab, Geneva. I was a designer-animator assistant and Miralab had created a virtual Marilyn to showcase their work. When I left the lab, I decided to create my own model, I thought it would be a great challenge as well as a way to improve my modeling skills.

I worked on the likeness, gathering pictures from internet and books. Modeling, texturing, skinning and rigging ... many steps before animating.

This model is still a work in progress. The rig is far from being perfect and needs more tweaking to allow better deformations.

First walk to test my model, that I created a few years ago. It's a very stiff walk, I'll do a better one when I have some time.

Base model default pose


The following 3D model has been created by a Korean studio....

The face didn't really look like Marilyn so my task was to improve it. After tweaking the 3D mesh, I rendered a new image and she looked a little bit more like Marilyn: